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What Steps Are Involved in Antique Stove Restoration?

There's more to antique stove restoration than simply making the exterior look nice. Do you know how long it's been since that appliance was used, or how the previous owners cared for it? Part of what Vintage Appliance Restoration will do for your antique appliances is give them a thorough investigation and assessment, inside and out.

Depending on your unit's needs, we might then: 

  • Strip the stove down to its frame
  • Clean all components thoroughly 
  • Determine which elements are still usable
  • Replace parts that perform poorly or pose a safety risk 
  • Re-glaze or repaint the exterior
  • Carry out a final safety check

With Vintage Appliance Restoration in charge of your antique stove restoration, you can breathe easy knowing the appliance is ready to perform at its peak. We'll take safety concerns into consideration alongside aesthetic and functional needs. Our job is to make antique kitchen stoves work as well as new ones, while retaining the character and style of the past.

Learn more about stove restoration by calling (817) 952-1160 today! We're based in Fort Worth, but we help vintage appliance owners of antique kitchen stoves throughout Texas. 

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